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International Literature Festival Houston 2017 & First National Contest: Poetic Bridges


Casa Cultural de Las Américas (CCA) and University of Houston (UH) are pleased to present the International Festival Houston 2017, was held on 2nd and 3rd of November and the First National, University-Level Poetry Contest in English and Spanish: Poetic Bridges.

The invited countries for 2017 were: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

1. Argentina: Diana Bellessi

2. Bolivia: Matilde Casazola (Cantautora)

3. Colombia: Andrea Cote Botero

4. Ecuador: Ana Cecilia Blum and Siomara España

5. Mexico: Jeannette Lozano

6. Nicaragua: María Auxiliadora Cárdenas (Escultora)

7. Spain: Verónica Aranda

8. United States: Deborah Mouton

9. Uruguay: Ida Vitale

10. Venezuela: Soledad Bravo

November 2 and 3, 2017

Open to the Public

Day 1 –Thursday, November 2

Venue: University of Houston Chapel. 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston TX 77004 

• 4:00pm- 4:05pm: Festival Inauguration by Deanea LeFlore, President of Casa Cultural de Las Americas

• 4:05pm- 4:20pm: Sculpture Exhibition by María Auxiliadora Cárdenas

• 4:20pm- 4:50pm: Literature and poetry readings: Argentina and Ecuador

• 4:50pm – 5:30pm: Literature and poetry readings: Colombia, Mexico and Spain

• 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Panel discussion with all authors moderated by Elizabeth Quila

• 6:30pm- 7:00pm: Poetry readings: United States

• 7:00pm – 7:30pm: Musical recital: Matilde Casazola and Soledad Bravo

Day 2 – Friday, November 3, 2017

Venue: University of Houston.Chapel. 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston TX 77004 

• 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Poetry readings: Bolivia and Uruguay

• 3:30 pm- 4:30 pm: Presentation of award-winning poets moderated by (University of Houston)

• 4:30 pm: Awards: Poetic Bridges by Mayor Sylvester Turner (invited)

• 4:35 pm: Proclamation from the City of Houston to the participating poets

• 4:40 pm: Closing by Elizabeth Quila, Founder of Casa Cultural de las Americas

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