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The International Literature Festival is Going to Europe to Represent Casa Cultural de las Americas

If CCA had to choose any European country to bring its signature event, The International Literature Festival, then it would have to be Spain. From the epic tale of the "Cantar del Mio Cid", the surrealism present in some of Cela's works, the amazing adventures of Don Quixote, to the many books recounting the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, Spanish literature has had it's own way of influencing history.

Fulfilling this vision, and through her resolve, Chairman Elizabeth Quila announced this past month to the Casa Cultural Board Members that Casa de las Americas, the Spanish organization that encourages art knowledge exchange with people around the world, accepted to work in collaboration with our organization. Yomaira Torres has been assigned and is exited to coordinate this marvelous event.

President of CCA, Deanea LeFlore, and her staff were pleased to become part of such a promising undertake.

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