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The International Literature Festival - Houston 2017 Proudly Presents Matilde Casazola, Poet and Son

Matilde Casazola Mendoza (Sucre, Bolivia, 1943) poet, composer and performer in both song and guitar, is the granddaughter of the illustrious author Jaime Mendoza. Her first poetic work came to light in 1967, and since then she has published 21 books, with her poems appearing in national and international anthologies.

Video: Detras de la niebla (Lyrics and Music: Matilde Casazola, Singer: Guitte Palsson)

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Her musical inspiration is rooted in traditional forms, which allows for a freer and wider vision. Her works have many a time been recorded and adapted differently by a variety of famous interpreters. With new publications annually, her poetic lectures and recitals often hold new material. In addition to Bolivia and Argentina, she has held recitals in France, Switzerland and Spain.

Video: Tanto te amé (Matilde Casazola), Emma Junaro y Marcos Puña

Matilde has received numerous national and international awards, among them, one of them being the National Prize for Culture of Bolivia in 2016. She has been a corresponding member of the Bolivian Language Academy since 1996.

The International Literature Festival is a two-day event that returns to the University of Houston, November 2 – November 3, 2017 and will once again be a FREE event thanks to the outpouring of generous support from our sponsors. These organizations contribute with the sole intention of supporting the International Literature Festival.

Save the date! We look forward to seeing you there...

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