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The International Literature Festival Madrid 2017 Promises to be an All-Star Celebration

In the five years since its opening in 2012, the Houston International Literature Festival has presented many poets and authors in a wide array of literature styles. Now an indispensable part of the literature community, the festival has become a home for many of the Latin American poets from all over the world as well as a popular gathering spot for their fans.

Now, It will celebrate its Fifth Anniversary with a special addition of a 2 days festival in Madrid on October 18 and 19 at "Casa de America" which is s one of the most active cultural institutions of Madrid with a view to fostering contact between the Latin-American peoples and Spain.

The festival will feature many of the Houston International Festival's treasure poets and audience favorites. Confirmed performers to date include:

1. Argentina: Hugo Mujica

2. Bolivia: Matilde Casazola

3. Ecuador: Rocío Durán Barba, Iván Oñate

4. El Salvador: Jorge Galán

5. España: Antonio Gamoneda, Juan Carlos Marset, Juan Carlos

Mestre, Raquel Lanseros

6. Mexico: Marco Antonio Campos

7. Peru: Antonio Cilloniz


Day 1 – Wednesday, October 18

Address: Casa de América de Madrid - Plaza Cibeles, s/n, 28014 Madrid, Spain

17:00 Welcome: Santiago Miralles Huete, Director of Casa de América

Opening : Dr. Elizabeth Quila, Chairman of Casa Cultural de las Americas

17:05 Rocio Durán - Barba e Iván Oñate (Ecuador), Jorge Galán (El

Salvador) y Hugo Mujica (Argentina)

18:05 Marco Antonio Campos (México)

Matilde Casazola (Bolivia) y Antonio Cilloniz (Perú)

Moderator: Jackeline Perez – Guevara

Day 2 – Thursday, October 19

Address: Casa de América de Madrid - Plaza Cibeles, s/n, 28014 Madrid, Spain

17:00 Antonio Gamoneda, Raquel Lanseros Juan Carlos Marset,

Juan Carlos Mestre

18:00 Panel

Hugo Mujica (Argentina), Matilde Casazola (Bolivia), Ivan Oñate

(Ecuador), Rocío Durán Barba (Ecuador), Jorge Galán

(El Salvador) , Antonio Gamoneda (España), Juan Carlos

Marset (España), Juan Carlos Mestre (España), Raquel

Lanseros (España), Marco Antonio Campos (México) and Antonio

Cilloniz (Perú)

19:20: Closing

Moderator: Dra. Elizabeth Quila

If you are in Madrid on October 18 and 19, you can't miss this one of a kind event

To register click on the link:

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