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Full Blast 2 Test Booklet [Latest] 2022




- was translated into Japanese and published in a book entitled “Effect of blast wave against the body” in 1993 (as described in the following reference literature). As a result of studies made in the 1980s and 1990s, it was found that, even in cases of the same level of maximum pressure (Bj) in the primary blast wave, the degree of decrease of the number of peripheral white blood cells differed due to the kinds of buildings where the exposed persons were working, and that, based on such information, it was impossible to estimate the degree of health hazards from the primary blast wave alone, and as a result, it was impossible to select a countermeasure for blast protection or the like. The present inventors have conducted a further study into the physical properties of the blast wave and the affected state of the body of the exposed person, in an attempt to design a new structure of blast protection, and have found the following: 1) blast waves have different physical properties, depending on the source (a specific pipe), 2) a blast wave is a shock wave which is transmitted through the medium, and the physical properties of the shock wave differ depending on the medium, 3) a shock wave which is generated by blasting will have a pattern of air-blast waves, i.e., a pattern of the primary blast wave and the secondary blast wave (refer to the following reference literature), 4) the pattern of the shock wave (air-blast wave) which is generated by blasting differs in accordance with the difference in the properties of the surrounding atmosphere or the kind of the blasting object (such as the diameter of the pipe, the length of the pipe, the type of explosive, the blasting method and the like), and also differs in accordance with the distance from the blasting object, 5) the peak pressure is lowered in the direction of propagation of the shock wave generated by blasting, the pressure of the peak is lowered in proportion to the square of the distance, and 6) the peak pressure of the shock wave is lowered in proportion to the square of the distance between the explosion point and the position where the blast wave is detected. The present inventors have found that, if it is possible to understand the difference in the blast wave caused by blasting, and the state of the blast protection, then it is possible to reduce the risk of injury to the exposed person, or the like. However, there are the following




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Full Blast 2 Test Booklet [Latest] 2022

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